I contact my angel and ask for his help to contact BES,
He advises me not to take me for a master and do not wait either to take you for a master 🙂

Once contacted BES I find myself in the sky of egypt a feeling of lightness and flight (a real pleasure …)
BES tells me that he helps to control the breath and the protection, he tells me the pyramids work as projectors in other dimensions or other sphere, I see thousands BES as the armey

He tells me golemi or golema are one but seen from two different point of view !

I thank him

and I leave the conversation with a feeling of happiness


Summary of the simplified practice of Franz BARDON The Key to the True Quabbalah

Please find attached a video showing the practice:

1) You pronounce the “A” very long in spirit, at the same time imagining that by pronouncing it in spirit it takes on a light blue color and in this color extends to the whole room. After some practice you will not only fill the whole training room with this mental “A”, whose light blue color must shine like a light, but the whole universe. 

 2) The student start again with letter “A”, appertaining to the air element, and conducts it to the air regions of the body, i.e., into the chest, where he pronounces it intellectually and imagines it to be there in a light blue color. Having imagined the existence of the light blue color in his chest for a longer period, he may resolve it again by his imagination. He must have the impression that the light oscillation of the blue color has completely disappeared from his chest.

 3) You begin again with the first letter of the alphabet, with letter “A”, which now has not to be practiced in the whole region of the chest but in the lungs alone. The student transfers himself with his whole consciousness into each lobe of the lungs and feels and senses like a lung and does his exercises there. The “A” in its light blue color is again breathed in imaginatively from the universe into each lobe of the lungs and later again resolved into the universe. 


Golemi (10 degrees Gemini)

Golemi (10 degrees Gemini) – this head, similar to the foregoing, is also an excellent expert in all laws of analogy, i. e. not only in respect of this physical world and the zone girdling the earth, but also in respect of all other spheres. Benefitted with Golemi’s inspiration and intuitional assistance the magician learns how to evaluate correctly the beings of any sphere and plane. He learns to recognize the range of effectiveness of each being which has been attributed to it by Divine Providence, so that in the presence of the magician no being is able to maintain to know anything that in fact is not so. Furthermore, the magician is taught by Golemi to classify and indentify any being from its outside appearance such as colour, tone, shape, etc.

I am the guardian of temples in the form of a bull and lion at the entrance on the left side! but I think it should be (very uncertain) 

maybe Kherty or Routy or just Hapi again? 


I ask him more precisely he told me something like cataracte !??

It was diffuse but a few days ago I think by bull and lion maybe they are symbols that it is on the head of divinity  ?

Cercle like Sun Râ and lion 

Bull’s horns  like crescent moon

Maybe in the future will allow me to make more conclusion ?


Transplantation of consciousness

Franz Bardon IIH

You are sitting quietly in your familiar position with your eyes closed. Transfer your consciousness exactly into the middle of your body, into the pit of your stomach, the solar plexus. You must feel yourself as a mere dot, as an atom in the center between the spine and the pit of the stomach ….  The more diminutive you imagine yourself, the bigger you will perceive the circumference of your body, which will appear to you as a big universe. At this point, meditate as follows: “I am the center of my body; I am the determining power therein!”

This is the story of a guy sitting in front of a blonde girl with blue eyes but with a sad look!

The man scuples the girl with her eyes while sweeping her face, around her lips while continuing on her legs! he says to himself; she is really pretty why she has me like a dead, I feel no sensitivity, life, joy? …

At that moment, this life wanted to teach him a lesson:

He feels in the place of the girl, she feels a look penetrates every cell looked with a caress, at that moment she feels each cell independently! as each cell was her full body, a soft wave of golden light that rises from below to upwards that invades every cell and its whole being, she is in ecstasy, she would like to thank this look but she knows by doing that the looks will flee

Now the boy is aware of the importance of his looks and he understood that we must not judge on appearances



Timiran 9° Gemini

Timiran (9 degrees Gemini) – This head is an excellent expert in the laws of harmony, not only in respect of the zone girdling the earth, but also in respect of the whole microcosm and macrocosm. He can make the magician understand the harmony in our physical world and in the zone girdling the earth from the hermetic point of view. Timiran explains to the magician the true meaning of introspection and the way in which the magical equilibrium is applied. If the magical secrets of introspection are quite clear to the magician, he can achieve, due to his acquired knowledge and faculties, a complete harmony not only in himself, but also in other people, and he can create, at any time, harmony and equilibrium in all cases in which he wants to do so, and in which the influences of chaos or disharmony are obvious. Only few magicians are in possession of these faculties, and this head, Timiran, can help the magician a great deal in this respect.

I am timiran king of pharaoh country, what do you want? I ask if he can heal my colleague? he answers me no, but the lunar entity “Emzhebyp” can heal him!

I ask that what is her main function, he tells me that he takes care of transportation and the path … and his twin is in solidity and placement!

I ask if I can see him, he asks me to focus in the heart part side towards the lungs, so I see a very beautiful pharaoh! I ask him if he can tell me something so that I hear then I hear the phrase: the sky and the nile join together

Emzhebyp the ninth head of the Moon sphere, is the special guardian angel of sick people whose ailment is due to unfavourable influences of the moon or to the doings of negative spirits of the moon sphere. This is usually the case with epileptic fits, menstruation difficulties, states of obsession, hysteria, St. Vitus’s Dance, lunacy, etc. This head reveals to the magician how to cure such diseases by force of moon magic.

Following the contact with timiran, on the one hand I contact a genii in the sign Gemeni and on the other hand there is a reference of nil in our conversation: then after some search I find that the Egyptian deity Hapi corresponds to my hypothesis; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hapi_(Nile_god)


 wake up at night but I’m too tired to study  so I fall asleep with a feeling of guilt, in my dream I sit with my guide who tells me: you know it takes 1m / s for the neuron in learning! I’m glad it’s so easy to learning! and at the same time I realized that I dream! so I try immediately to make a sphere of air with my hands but no effect, I told my guide it does not work, he gives a blow on my hand and he says: your hand is too hot it must cool and at the same time they approach to a paper like this I have to transfer the element in the paper and at this moment I see the steam out!

Thank you Franz Bardon !

I would like to thank Franz Bardon for all that he has brought in my life,  for his non-religious and non-dangerous and joyful teaching

Golema II

You can not know if you already do not know! The information is to be applied, The light of an object is proportional to its speed in time and in relation to its surface! a metal wire, its light is equal to its speed and its surface, if it is at rest its speed can have two values, that of the earth! or be that of galaxy! we see that there is a relation to movement! imagine that you want to mix two lights, that of wire and that of the earth, it will be necessary that you mount the light one so that the other becomes included in the other! or take two numbers 2 and 3 so that the 3 guess included in 2 must 2 becomes 200 is to say change its physical level becomes astral! 3 in included in 2 (00) astral and in alchemy it’s similar manipulations …

I ask if Golema is indeed pollux ? he answer yes because in the astrology zodiac circle is well about to 8  degrees gemini


Franz Bardon IIH:

1. Deliberate Creation of Elementals ~ In contrast to thoughts living in their forms in the mental or spiritual sphere, the “elementals” are entities with a certain degree of intelligence deliberately created by a magician. Such elementals are capable of fulfilling certain tasks on the mental plane and obviously they may be looked at as obedient servants of the magician according to the purpose he aims at. Through the creation of elementals of the so-called elemental magic type, the magician can accomplish everything on the mental plane without any discrimination of his own or a strange sphere. I will quote only a few examples just because of the great variety. With the help of the elementals the magician can influence the mind of any other person optionally, he can strengthen or weaken man’s mental and intellectual faculties, he can protect himself or others against foreign influences, transmute friendships into animosities or the other way around, he can produce a favorable atmosphere in associating with his fellow men, and he can bring under his control anybody’s will that is not yet developed or profiled. The businessman can enlarge the number of his customers, and the elementals can be helpful to him in many other ways. The genuine magician will always be inspired by good and noble intentions and keep the altruistic motive in mind if he is aiming at the highest level of magical maturity. The practice of creating elementals is very simple and an affair of the magician’s imagination, but the following rules must be considered:

 1. The elemental has to be given a form corresponding to the desire one wishes to be fulfilled. The form is to be created y intensive imagination. 

2. The form, the so-called vessel or housing has to be given a name of some sort. Everything existing, whether in a particular shape or shapeless does have a name; if it has no name, it does not exist. 

3. The task is to impressed on the elemental with the help of the willpower and the imaginative faculty; that is, an authoritative order has to be given with respect to the kind of effect to be produced. Here as well, the present or imperative form formula must be retained in exactly the same way as I described it in the chapter dealing with subconsciousness. 

4. The effectiveness is to be impressed on the elemental regardless whether it be a question of a permanent or a restricted effect. These four fundamental rules are to be respected if one intends to work successfully with elementals

I will create this being to improve for this page the better concerning the information, vitality, conviality

I will name this being IVIC, I as information, VI as vitality, C as convenial, then define a life and a form from sky of 24/06/2012 see blow


Golema (8 degrees Gemini) – may be called an excellent philosopher of occultism, for not only does this head know all the laws of our world and of the zone girdling the earth, but he is also able – should the magician get into contact with him – to teach the faculty of expressing the most difficult problems in our physical language, that is in the language of the intellect. How difficult it sometimes is to express in words occult and philosophical themes so that they become comprehensible also for the non initiate, is only realized by magicians who are writers on occultism or teachers and advisers in this field. With Golema the magician has the. best inspirer he can find, who, by way of intuition and inspiration, will help him to express any problem in such a way that any misunderstanding will be impossible. The magician with a bad memory or bad faculty of perception can, by Golema’s methods or direct assistance, acquire the contrary, i. e. a very good memory and an excellent faculty of perception.

First Contact with Golema

I help the magician in his works alchemy and metalorgy

I live near high mountain of the earth my seal echoes in the near sphere of the earth

you find my sounds in the letters O-L which resonate in the mind and throw into the astral, this resonance allows to transform the metal into its liquid form like Fire solid to Fire liquid !  in correspondence of physical science is like a metal wire and its light (vibration)

I ask him to show himself, he asks me in what form do you want? finally he appears in the form of a princess 🙂