The life force

In my opinion, one of the pillars to progress in the teaching of Franz Bardon is the life force!

In worlds where quality and quantity go hand-in-hand for progress like the tarot “chariot” card, if it lacks strength, progress does not happen!

From the very first step towards perfection, tools like our bodies must increasingly nourish an abundant energy rich in balance.

The mastery of energy flow, inhale and exhale imbued, then storing the life force, allows the student to feel radiant like the sun. This all-powerful feeling causes one to experience union with the vitality of the universe.

This force is abundant in the universe. It allows anyone to heal and regenerate if an idea is included in it. It is like a fish that moves water or a bird that flaps it’s wings, Mankind can move this force in whatever direction they will it.

The magician can heal hundreds of people without feeling tired!

The common point of all the particles in the universe is this life force, because without it we would no longer exist.

A common error of Franz Bardon students is to tirelessly seek to visualize an object at the cost of an optical hallucination. Contrarily, the mastery of the vital force allows him to use himself first and the rest following.


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