Mental Traveling (software)

Mental Traveling

Cuno-Hellmut Mûller  also arranged a sequence of formulas, It can enable those who practice diligently to undertake mental travels after a period of 3 to 6 month. According to the individual developpment…

From Enerywork by Peter Dexheimer

Personally I had some results but it requires a strong will to do regularly…

I made a program in php  on mac os ! should works in linux too

need : Php, tar

Mental Traveling Soft

Download then open a terminal and do

tar xvfz shc.tgz 

Launch with

php -f shc.php

the sounds & colors come from

the result looks like:

php -f shc.php

Letter (colors), notes (sounds), organs, element, desired effects

7 times 


KTQ Franz Bardon:

Part III Practice: Magic of Formulas

Step VIII The Quabbalistic Alphabet: The Twofold key ~ Double Letters

Now I will describe, in a few short words of instruction, the twofold key and its effects on the mental plane. When working with this key, the formula magician must first imagine, in his consciousness, his astral and finally his mental body, just as he did when working with the single key, and he must pronounce the two selected letters as a spirit. He must thus be aware that his physical organs of speech, his tongue, lips, larynx, etc., are not uttering the two letters in a quabbalistic manner, but that this is done by his spirit. And, similar to the work with the single key, the three-sense concentration must be adhered to when pronouncing the two letters; this means that each letter must be uttered in a visual, acoustical and emotional way. In our case, you start with the first letter and then you take the second one. Just like with the other keys, one may also work inductively or deductively, for one’s own spirit or mental body with the twofold key. However, it is possible to apply the key also for others, i.e., either directly to the relevant spirit, mental body, if a direct influence is to be exerted, or to the mental plane in general, and there again, either to one’s own microcosm or to the microcosm of someone else, depending on the causes that are created by the help of the formula, and on the effects that one wants to produce.


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