Tent of Meeting

I sit in front of my magic mirror and I charge myself and the mirror in akasha, I project myself in the mirror to see my guardian angel ? unfortunately I fall asleep and I wake up with the memory with “where is the meeting point in Egypt” and chance brings me to the meeting tent !

the day of the “Tu Bishvat”.  February 5, 2023

GOD said to Moses, “Gather together seventy men from among the leaders of Israel, men whom you know to be respected and responsible. Take them to the ****Tent of Meeting****. I’ll meet you there. I’ll come down and speak with you. I’ll take some of the Spirit that is on you and place it on them; they’ll then be able to take some of the load of this people—you won’t have to carry the whole thing alone.where are 2 others ? maybe moses and his brother Aaron? so it looks like the 72 genius of mercury
Later the text talks about Eldad and medad (2 other people missing with the faculty of prophecies for life 

Quality Seeiah

Quantity Adad


Eldad and Medad !
if the names are Akkadian, then dad could be a corruption of Adad, the name of a deity known to the Aramaeans as Hadad, with Eldad thus meaning ‘El is Hadad’ or ‘Hadad is God’,[8] and Medad meaning ‘(one who is) of Hadad’

Faculty of prophecy!
Only 2 genis of 72 who have the faculty of prophecies, like Eldad and medad who had this faculty for life!

Bardon and Quintscher for Vehuiah Please see the letter and for the rest see:


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