YodHe-Vau-He – (colours of sign: red, blue and green) shows the magician the symbolic representation of the electric and magnetic influence in respect of its effect on the zone girdling the earth. Any being of the zone girdling the earth can make the magician acquainted with this symbolism of the influences on the threedimensional world. However, if the magician meditates deeply enough on this sign he will by himself find the explanation for the symbolic analogies.

Akasa:    Sh A M Æ
Mental:   H C N  I
Astral:     S  L W F
Physical: T. H G R

3x DO    SH AE R
3x SOL   A  I W
3x FA      L T G
3x LA      H N H
2x RE     C M 
1x SOL# S
1x FA# F


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