Jupiter: As a planet, it causes harmony and legality.
The Jupiter sphere, on the other hand, controls the evolution of fate and justice within man, leading him on his way to perfection, and assisting him in his efforts to reach the Highest.

The Genii of the Jupiter Sphere

The magician will not try to get into contact with any of these, unless he has

completely succeeded in getting at least a few of the intelligences of the Mars

sphere under his power, who - as has been pointed out in the preceding

chapter - are all very difficult to control. The vibrations of the Jupiter sphere

are far easier to stand up to than the ones of the Sun and the Mars sphere.

Therefore the sphere magician will find it easy to get into contact also with

the genii of the Jupiter sphere. Their range of power is very large, and their

influence, which is somehow of an abstract nature, penetrates all

subordinated spheres right down to the zone girdling our earth and has its

effects on all three planes: the mental, the astral and the physical plane.

The sphere magician who has become acquainted with all the preceding

spheres, either by evocation or by mental wandering, and got into contact

with individual beings, genii and intelligences will, no doubt, now be convinced

that he can achieve and gain more, regarding knowledge and wisdom, by

mental wandering, i. e. with his mental body, in the individual spheres and

therefore also in the Jupiter sphere than by merely calling beings, genii and

intelligences to our earth by help of evocation. This is, however, not to say

that the magician should not practise evocation. Quite the contrary: it is

advisible to practise both methods and to try to have an equally perfect

command of both. If, however, the magician is interested in special problems,

especially spiritual ones, if he wants a better conscious assimilation of

subtleties, he will always prefer to visit the spheres, in this case the Jupiter

sphere, by mental wandering.

Influenced by the vibrations of the Jupiter sphere, the magician's

consciousness is expanded; he can penetrate deeper into the truths revealed

to him by the genii, can understand them better and can, without special

effort, transfer the gained truths into his physical consciousness after having

returned into his physical body, in our physical world. Besides this, the

magician will find it easy to express, in the language of the intellect, the

knowledge he has gained in the Jupiter sphere. Only practice will teach the

sphere magician with which sphere inhabitant he should get into contact by

mental wandering and with which one he should do so by evocation.

Of all the beings, angels and genii of the Jupiter sphere, twelve are regarded

as the highest ranking ones, due to their unlimited range of power. Their

influence works on the whole cosmic hierarchy, i. e. on all the spheres, planes

and planets and their inhabitants.

Each of these twelve original genii has a certain relation to our zodiac, and

their laws of analogy are identical to all spheres and planes of our cosmic

hierarchy. At the time of their first evocation, the seals of the Jupiter genii

have to be drawn in blue colour.

For the Jupiter sphere tin


The Symbolism of the Second Tarot-CardEach column rests on a circular pedestal of hewn stone symbolising the fact that the magician - after having been initiated in this temple - has become

absolute master of each element. The black and white marble floor consists of proportionate squares displaying the positive and the negative effects of the elements in the physical world. In its higher sense this is the lawfulness - 

the Jupiter sphere - on the physical plane, with which the magician must be fully conversant before being initiated.

The Magic Censer

The exact colouring of planetary light is effected by means of imagination.

 Beings of the Jupiter planet will show themselves, if the colour vibration is blue.

From the book : 

Magick Pills for Hard Transits Paperback – Large Print, May 4, 2020

by I. Alejandro Virgilio (Author)

The godname of Aries is YHVH (Yah-Veh) and its planetary ruler is Mars. The angel of Aries is Melchiadel 4-3-20-10-4-1-3. The heaven of Aries is Teleh.


Taurus is practical, sensual, reliable, lazy. Its godname is YHHV (Yah-Hev) and it is ruled by the planet Venus. The angel of Taurus is Asmodel 1-6-40-6-4-1-30. The heaven of Taurus is Shar.

Gemini is sociable, communicative, restless, quick-witted. The godname of Gemini is YVHH (Yav-Heh) and its heaven is Teonim. The angel of Gemini is Ambriel 1-40-2-20-10-1-30. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury.

Cancer is nurturing, intuitive, sensitive, moody. This sign is ruled by the Moon and its godname is HVHY (Hev-Hay). The heaven of Cancer is Sarton and its angel is Muriel 40-6-20-10-1-30.

Leo is ruled by the Sun and it is courageous, creative, proud, arrogant. The godname of Leo is HVYH (Hev-Yah). The angel of Leo is Verachiel 6-20-20-10-1-30, and the heaven of Leo is Ari. vies is ole it erranged is goin is is mie Sets— i helical oversans

Libra is diplomatic, kind, gentle, unreliable. The angel of Libra is Zuriel 7-6-20-10-1-30. The heaven of Libra is Moznaim, and it is ruled by the planet Venus. The godname of Libra is VHYH (Veh-Yah).

Scorpio is ruled by the planet Mars. It is mysterious, strong willed, secretive, vengeful. Its permutation is VHHY (Vah-Hey). The angel of Scorpio is Barachiel 2-20-20-10-1-3. The heaven of Scorpio is Akrab.

Sagittarius has Jupiter as its ruling planet. Its godname is VYHH (Vay-Heh) and its heaven is Qesheth. Sagittarius is joyful, frank, careless, adventurous, inconsistent. The angel of Sagittarius is Advachiel 1-4-6-2-10-1-3.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Its godname is HYHV (Hey-Hav), and it is ambitious, conservative, determined, controlling. The angel of Capricorn is Hanael 5-5-1-3, and its heaven is Gedi.

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn. Aquarius is witty, clever, original, aloof. The godname of this sign is HYVH (Hey-Vah), and its angel of is Cambriel 2-1-4-2-2-1-3. The heaven of Aquarius is Deli.

Pisces is ruled by Jupiter. Pisces is compassionate, faithful, imaginative, self-pitying. The godname of Pisces is HHVY (Heh-Vay), its angel is Amnitziel 1-4-5-10-9-10-1-3. The heaven of Pisces is Dagim


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